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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Human urine for fertilizer is top notch!

Its no secret that urine contains everything plants need, its been that way in nature since animals first started
to piss; that being said theres rules to follow.

::: HOW TO USE IT:::
1) The smell of urine is actually ammonia, urine; in a healthy person; is absolutely sterile and clean.
2) The stronger that ammonia smell, the less nutrients are available to plants, and less nitrogen.
     - Nitrogen actually binds as it sits with other chemicals to create ammonia -
     - After 24 hours, your going to need new urine -
3) Never pee directly on any plant, mix in a solution of water at a ratio of 10:1 or 15:1 water:urine.
4) Do NOT mix with any other bodily fluids, and do not use any other bodily fluids, including stool.
     - The reason for this is the human diet -
5) Urine needs to be fresh, re-read post 2.
6) Urine should be applied to the soil, consider it an untreated fertilizer; do NOT foliage feed with it.
7) The nitrogen content is really high, keep that in mind as nitrogen can inhibit flowering of "SOME" types of plants, with that being said; vegetative stages will benefit tremendously from nitrogen.
8) Direct urine can burn and kill plants undiluted; if weeds are a problem, apply undiluted directly to kill weeds, oddly will turn grass yellow, which will recover and turn greener then it was before; weeds don't recover.
9) Urine is the best composting activator you will ever find, anywhere. It will also increase the micro nutrient value of your final compost by 50-100%.
10) Collect directly into the bottle, then mix with water, not the toilet. use as you would any fertilizer and don't overdo it, you can over fertilize plants.
11) For hydroponics about 250ml for 3.5 galons will do it.

1) If your sick, have infections "urinary, bladder etc" do not use your urine. Urine is sterile in the bladder all the way to the exit so long as its not introduced through infections.
2) Most drugs/medications wind up in urine, if your on prescription drugs, your urine is probably off limits. The exception to this is birth control, marijuana, 90% pain killers. A study actually suggests that estrogen helps a lot of different flowering plants, Google is your friend here.
3) Do not use the urine of someone else for the first 2 reasons. You just don't know.
4) Don't use pet urine, its probably safe but there could be, and may be things in pet food your unaware of, could be unseen infections, since they cant tell you of discomfort. And some animal; such as cat; urine, is much stronger and could kill plants.
5) Lots of people feel theres a yuk factor involved, just don't tell people about your homemade super crops secret, even if it is safe.

This may vary slightly based on diet, contents based on every 2L of urine
"about your daily total"
Nutrient Levels
Alanine, total ..... 38 mg/day
Arginine, total ..... 32 mg/day
Ascorbic acid ..... 30 mg/day
Allantoin ..... 12 mg/day
Amino acids, total ..... 2.1 g/day
Bicarbonate ..... 140 mg/day
Biotin ..... 35 mg/day
Calcium ..... 23 mg/day
Creatinine ..... 1.4 mg/day
Cystine ..... 120 mg/day
Dopamine ..... 0.40 mg/day
Epinephrine ..... 0.01 mg/day
Folic acid ..... 4 mg/day
Glucose ..... 100 mg/day
Glutamic acid ..... 308 mg/day
Glycine ..... 455 mg/day
Inositol ..... 14 mg/day
Iodine ..... 0.25 mg/day
Iron ..... 0.5 mg/day
Lysine, total ..... 56 mg/day
Magnesium ..... 100 mg/day
Manganese ..... 0.5 mg/day
Methionine, total ..... 10 mg/day
Nitrogen, total ..... 15 g/day
Ornithine ..... 10 mg/day
Pantothenic acid ..... 3 mg/day
Phenylalanine ..... 21 mg/day
Phosphorus, organic ..... 9 mg/day
Potassium ..... 2.5 mg/day
Proteins, total ..... 5 mg/day
Riboflavin ..... 0.9 mg/day
Tryptophan, total ..... 28 mg/day
Tyrosine, total ..... 50 mg/day
Urea ..... 24.5 mg/day
Vitamin B6 ..... 100 mg/day
Vitamin B12 ..... 0.03 mg/day
Zinc ..... 1.4 mg/day

I have gone though an entire grow using urine without any deficiencies, but many feel that during flowering your phosphorus levels are too low. If you desire, a bloom fertilizer may be used in tandem during the flowering phase.

A tea made with the Russian comphry plant (3.6-1-10.6) is an excellent organic bloom fertilizer for those of us who do not wish to use chemicals at any step. Also a tea of bone meal, or bone meal in your soil mix is probably the best way to add Phosphorus.

 Your body can only absorb about 10-15% of a multivitamin/mineral pill the rest is flushed out with your urine. Taking a multivitamin/mineral about 3 hours before your urine collection can give you many vital micro nutrients.

The PH value for human urine can range anywhere from 5 and 8.5 but most often is found between 5.5 and 7.5 in healthy individuals with a balanced diet. A value of 6 is average. High protein diets can lower PH (more acidic) and Vegetarian diets raise PH values (more alkaline). Urinary infection will increase PH value. Test your PH and lower it (coffee, lemon juice, or vinegar are great organic PH downs) if any higher that 6, especially if in a hydro system, or increase your protein consumption. If the soil you are using is fairly acidic, like peat moss you will want to make sure you are not dropping it too low with acidic urine; dolomite lime can help you buffer this up, or increase your vegetable intake and lower your protein.


It Works
Tried and true. In my (and a few others) opinion it works as good as commercial fertilizers when used properly. A side by side clone to clone test has not yet been done (to my knowledge), but there is no question that urine produces healthy, frosty, dank nugs, as good as anything out there.

You can't beat free can you? Not likely. Weather you are growing for pleasure or profit saving money is something that I think we all desire. If you have no problem with spending the money, then go right ahead. Call it ghetto if you want, I call it natures gift, and I intend to make the best of it.

It’s like fertilizer on tap. No hasty visits to the hydro/garden shop. No “I’ll have to do without for a while”. It’s always there when you need it.

Environmentally friendly
Many of us would like to preserve the earth. Well organic fertilizers are the way to go if this is part of your ethos. Chemical fertilizers are produced from petroleum products, natural gas, and coal. Minerals are made more soluble with acids. After the compounds are used by the plant the contaminants left over in the soil can become poisonous and over time can leave the land depleted and ‘dead’. Using organic fertilizers closes a cycle of life that has existed for millennia. We feed the plants and they feed us, much like the oxygen and carbon dioxide cycle.


Salt content
Human urine will contain various salts. Depending on diet your urine can contain up a max of 2.2% salt, this is because the human kidney cannot concentrate salts to greater than 2.2%. On average salt content will be about 30g/L Total dissolved solids constitute about 5% of urine volume. As previously stated it will be to your benefit to allow some run off when watering and toss it, this will rid your soil of excess salts.

Urine fertilizing is not an exact science. Exact nutrient levels and concentrations cannot be accurately established without the proper equipment. Notwithstanding some trial and error is necessary in every fertilizer regiment. Certain strains can have differing tolerances, different growing conditions and methods vary in their ability to deliver nutrients reliably.


Anonymous said...

will give it a try

Anonymous said...

It works for me, I use it in Hydro system. New urine every day, plants seem to do fine ;)

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