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Saturday, 19 March 2011


This is a simple bubbler system, the easiest to DIY, and operate.
Bubbler systems also use less nutrients then a flow system "usually 1/3rd" but read your product labels.
I cant find my camera wire :/ and its proprietary so im shit outta luck at the moment, ill use
microsoft paint to demonstrate every step that needs it.

Notice: To make a cloner DIY Bubbler make the lid according to THIS POST.
So do not do your lid as make here, do the rest then click that link!

What you need.
1) A bucket with a lid - Any bucket size really will do,  but remember the size will determine plant size
or how many plants you can even plant. A margarine container would work for example, but would be silly.
2) Plastic cups / Net Pots. "You can make your own net pot, just put holes half way up the side of your cups, and evenly along the bottom."
3) Aquarium air pump, aquarium tube about 4' long should be enough, and an air stone.
If your bucket is really large, 2 airstones, a Y splitter, and a 2 smaller " 5 inches? " air tubes.
This will allow an air tube at each end of your water tank.
4)Grow medium, Typically anything will do, find some online. For me Ive used even aquarium gravel for with
success, give it a try!

Heres an image of your final setup.

Lit should be flat without curvature, preventing problems holding the plants pots in place.

The cuts should be about 1/4 inc smaller then the actual pots, then cut slits out to the width of the
pot, this will allow a tighter grip against your pots.

Image two shows great patterns to follow when putting in your pots.

Make sure the  holes you cut "carefully" into the lid do not overlap, keep pots of equal space apart.

Water level should be just above the pots, as roots grow, lower water level "and nute level" accordingly.

Pots should be tight and snug, not loose or weak. use thicker plastic. Make sure holes they are in
support them up well, dont let them fall in.

Your reservoir "the largest bin" should be as light proof as possible. This reduces fungi, mold or
water Bourne  algae, which will suffocate your plants and use up your nutrients.

Keep PH according to the plants your growing, easy to use testing strips are available all over.
 If you wish to buy bigger you could get a digital probe.

Your pumping air inside, so make sure its fresher air. Roots actually need both Co2 and oxygen.

Water should be topped up if needed. And the entire water should be changed each 7-14 days.
Cannabis and tomato, 7 days. Lettuce and herbs, 14 days; etc. use your judgement here.

Dont grow root vegetables silly ;p

Check daily! Hyrdoponics "this system is the most forgiving type" is not a forgiving way to grow
the plants react fast to toxins, Ph problems, etc. check your system daily "several" if permitted.
If your used to soil growing forget what you know "some of it lol". Soil is the most forgiving way to grow.

Hydroponics isnt for the the less intellegent, if you cant use the image above in all its simplicity, you may
not be ready to operate one. Harsh but truthful, believe me.

Questions and comments go below, happy growing!


Anonymous said...

Great example of bubbler hydro i have used many systems
and come back to bubbler every time
they are cheep and easy to operate greatest for beginner.

hydroponic said...

This bubbler hydroponics system is so grate and very helpful technology.This hydroponics system used less nutrients.I like this grate bubbler hydroponics system.

Thes said...

i just make this; worked better then the other one
i make from a forum that lead me here, thank you.

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