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Sunday, 10 April 2011


First this system is based off the full plants design found Here in another post on this same website.
so make sure you build that system, the changes will be to the lid so do not build the lid in that post.
Simply save the lid.
You should also use a cloning size bubbler, so a smaller basin then you would normally use or is suggested
in that post, perhaps a 2 foot wide by 1 foot deep, but half foot tall would do well.
-=- End -=-

What you need:
Bag of sponges, the non abrasive ones that are nice and fluffy. The one pictured here will also work
if you keep the abrasive side UP.

 Typical Sponge for washing dishes, ETC.

Plastic cups, Standard size - Cut the middles out of the bottom but not the whole bottom.
Center your cut and leave 10% of the bottom on around the edges, this will be to support
the sponge. Now cut the sponge so it will fit loose on the bottom of the cup.
Now remove a portion of the sponge, to accomodate a stem of a cutting.

Now design your lid as per instructions found Here but to accommodate the small cups.
Now you cuttings stems should go down through the center of the cups "which will help humidity if the walls go up the plants as well"
The stems should go at least 1 inc below the sponge, then drop the sponge into the cup.
The stems should be into the nutrient solution of your bubbler, when they root. simply slit
the sponge and remove them, now plant your new clones in pots or a permanent hydro system.

For more information comment below and I will answer within 12 hours.

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