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Saturday, 7 January 2012

How to pick your strain of Cannabis / Marijuana.

Sativa Vs Indica (vs Ruderalis?)
How to pick your strain of cannabis/marijuana

Ruderalis gets its roots from asia;
Has a flowering time earlier then both sativa, and indica; and flowers based purly off age.
Ruderalis is the reason strains with auto flowering traits exist.
Its also the smallest of the 3, with some strains only inches tall when fully grown and budded.
Ruderalis has a lower THC content, and has little recreational use "aside from breeding its traits
into a sativa or indica strain, like low height, autoflowering, or harsh tolerances."
there are some wild variations of ruderalis found in canada and the united states;
and if found have no use.

sativas are the head/cerebral bread and butter buzz, tall, spindly, slender, the green is often lighter.
a pure sativa can be incredibly rich in THC - to the point of mild hallucinogenic effects without
the nausia you can get from indica when smoking that much.
thin leaves, which are slender. plants can reach 20+ feet tall in some areas.

Easy to grow indoors, dark green, covered in THC ICE/snow; short bushy. body buzz.
pain relief, stress releif. calm and serene. Great for insomnia.
often a feeling of high in the body with no effect in the head whatsoever.
Couch-lock effect Often reaching 3-6 feet tall and wide.

When choosing a strain simply refer to this description and remember that
often times strains are mixes; i would say that the most common are


100/0 - 80/20 - 50/50  - 20/80 - 100/0    (and somtimes ruderalis is added)

also remember any plant stating (autoflower) or (grows only 1 foot!!) etc will have ruderalis genetics
and can be used for tiny areas.

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